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Curiosity and forethought encouraged us to check how good is Cottonbee.pl in printing on their new Jerseys. We ordered 5 samples, 3 patterns on Satin (Cotton 100%) we know already, one on a SINGLE JERSEY 180g (Cotton 100%) and one on a SWEATSHIRT JERSEY 250g (cotton 90% + polyester 10%).

For the full list of available textiles look at: http://cottonbee.pl/materialy

Our first impression recorded after opening a shipment from Cottonbee you will find on YouTube. We’re surprised how good the prints are!

For everyone looking for concrete data we’ve uploaded these samples scanned at 600dpi on Epson Perfection 2400 Photo Scanner. Below the samples there is a piece of paper painted white and black. It’s a simple (but better than nothing 🙂 point of reference. All these scans were prepared using the same settings.

Additionally, you can compare the scans to original files used for printing:


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