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Catch 22

I like doing designs for friends. It takes me four times more time than doing something just for fun, or for someone who I don’t know. This design, however, was even more difficult.

It was made for a person I know but not completely. It is for a friend, she is a veterinary technician, we meet once a week when I am volunteering. We meet once a week for almost a year but all the time we are talking about pigeons, hedgehogs, magpies etc. By this time, I learned that she likes pigeons, computer games, rides on rollers and she is Aquarius. I decided to make her a gift, as Aquarius to Aquarius. I sat down with a piece of paper. Pigeon, rat, gamepad … and emptiness in my mind.

Eh, I had to asked her what she likes. The answer surprised me a little. I made a project for a fan of cacti, bonsai, mountains … Marines, Navy Seals, and war literature. I don’t know anything about war literature. The only book I read about the war was Catch 22. The book was hard for me but I love it. I hope that the project will be approved.

The question is what we sew? I thought about this veterinary blouse or bag / backpack. Do you have any ideas?

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